Joshua Rawlings

Joshua is a video game enthusiast turned gambling connoisseur who now contributes his expertise to the team at Joshua, born in Gloucester in 1993, grew up with a close bond with his older brother and a passion for video games. This passion continued into his adult life, where he now competes in FIFA, DOTA 2, and Mortal Kombat 11.
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His first home computer, a PC running Windows Vista, opened up a whole new world of gaming and introduced him to the Internet, which would later change his life. It was through the Internet that Joshua discovered online casinos, hoping to make big bucks playing poker or blackjack.

Although he quickly realized that online gambling required a different skill set, he developed a passion for it, spending months researching live blackjack strategies and exploring various online casinos to find the best RTP and games. Over time, Joshua became a gambling connoisseur with high standards for the casinos he deposited into.

It was this experience that caught the attention of the owners of, who valued his expertise and youth. Joshua made the decision to leave his job and join them in creating this site, a decision he hasn’t regretted since.

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