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Betsson has Signed a Content Partnership with Pariplay’s Fusion network

Betsson has entered into a contract to use the Fusion aggregation technology developed by Pariplay, a NeoGames affiliate. As per the conditions of the deal, Betsson users all over the world will have access to Pariplay’s whole Wizards Games library and a selection of more than 14,000 items on the Fusion system.

Betsson’s Statement About the Partnership

According to Betsson’s supplier relations manager, Laura Perreta, Pariplay has a broad spectrum of material from well-established and aspiring small studios. Therefore, it is an excellent chance to strike a partnership that improves the alternatives accessible to all gamers.

She added that they can now offer their audience in the many established regulated marketplaces throughout Europe and beyond a broader range of material likely to pique their interest. The partnership will increase Pariplay’s Fusion platform’s reach and broaden Betsson’s selection of games. In addition to providing access to over 14,000 games from over 100 different providers, Fusion’s robust array of back-office transformation and engagement capabilities is designed to increase revenue per user.

Pariplay’s View on the Agreement

Andrew Maclean, vice president of sales at Pariplay, says the company is always looking to expand in crucial ways. Betsson is integral to their plan to strengthen their position in all legal European markets. 

Betsson’s players will access the industry’s most comprehensive game selection thanks to the Fusion aggregation platform, which also benefits the operator with innovative player engagement features. The company sees this as the next logical step in a good partnership for the foreseeable future.

About the Financial Statement

Betsson released its quarterly financial statements earlier this month, appreciating its Latin American divisions’ contribution to success in the time measured.

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