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BGaming’s collaboration with Betmexico to keenly understand the LatAm Market

BGaming decided to partner with Betmexico, a Mexican operator, after developing a sizable amount of interest in the Latin American market. Customers of the Betmexico online sportsbook will have access to more than 100 games. Slots, common, and table games are all part of the selection.

Paulina Hovar’s on the partnership

Paulina Hovar, BGaming’s Latin American Business Development Specialist, explained that the region, Latin America, has been enjoying their games and that its partnership with Betmexico will bolster customers’ access to top-tier BGaming games. She also stated that the partnership would call for them to increase their understanding of the Latin American players to customize the games to suit them. She said they would incorporate features and strategies the market prefers.

BGaming’s offers

To cement its standing in Mexico and the Latin American region, BGaming will provide Betmexico players with popular slot games like Joker Queen, Fruit Million and Wild Cash.

Betmexico spokesperson remarks

The spokesperson to Betmexico commented about the recent partnership and admitted to their happiness to work in conjunction with BGaming. The spokesperson continued and added that their customers were excited with the games and will strive to ensure their partnership with BGaming continues growing in Mexico.


In as much as the step forward seems to be a major milestone for BGaming in Latin America, they have also made a move in Europe. Just recently, BGaming strengthened its presence in Europe due to a partnership with Geogrator, a Georgian-facing aggregator.

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