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UKGC Intends to Collect Operator Data to Fill Intelligence Gaps

The UKGC has been known for its dedication to player safety. In fact, it is probably the strictest regulator in the online gambling sector. But how exactly can it determine how well its policies are doing? Or what new issues are impacting the gambling sector? To answer these questions, the UKGC has had to prioritize the collection of operator data.

As the regulator itself notes, collecting gambling data will help bridge the gap in their knowledge of the industry and the gamblers in the nation. It has noted that it only intends to make the biggest decisions if the evidence supports it.

The benefits of collecting operator data

The Programme Director of Insights and Engagements, Ben Haden, noted that the continuous collection of operator data is essential as it helps the UKGC understand how the gambling sector is evolving.

The regulator has the support of over 100 market leaders, and these are quite diverse. They include stakeholders in research, academia, and gambling, including online casino experts. The collaboration of these parties will ensure that the data gets greater oversight.

The Gambling Commission also plans to eliminate certain items from the data they collect as these are no longer relevant or useful. To make the regulator more responsive to change, the frequency of the license may have to be changed from annual to quarterly. The reporting dates would be aligned to match these changes. The UKGC plans to consult on the frequency of the licenses in November.

How the collection and analysis of data will actually work

As part of its new policy, the UKGC will ask operators to provide more detailed information on its players on a daily basis. The data will need to be aggregated over the entire day to make it easier to use.

The Gambling Commission has identified several themes that will be prioritized during data collection and aggregation. These include:

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