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KSA Postpones Release of Updated Responsible Gaming Policy to June 2024

The Gaming Authority (KSA) has pushed back the publication date of its updated Responsible Gaming Policy Rules to June 3, 2024. The delay allows for a prolonged consultation period, highlighting KSA’s dedication to crafting well-rounded and effective regulatory measures.

Delay in Publication for Comprehensive Stakeholder Feedback

In late 2023, KSA sought insights from gaming providers, addiction care professionals, and industry experts to refine its Responsible Gaming Policy. The amended rules were set to be released in May 2024, but the consultations took longer than expected.

Such an extensive feedback necessitates thorough review and consideration to ensure that the final regulations effectively address the complexities of online gambling while reinforcing player protection measures. Therefore, the release date of the amended policy rules was pushed back.

The decision to extend the consultation period came as a result of the substantial and insightful feedback received, underscoring the active involvement of the community in promoting safer gaming practices.

Detailed Plan for Implementing the New Regulations

Most of the updated regulations will be enforced starting June 3, 2024. However, KSA has identified certain areas within the new rules that necessitate significant technological overhauls by online gaming providers. To address this, KSA plans a staggered rollout:

  1. Immediate implementation of most regulations to immediately bolster player safety.
  2. Phased introduction of technologically demanding regulations, with specific commencement dates to be declared later.

Advancing Regulatory Practices Through Collaboration

The change in the publication timeline for KSA’s Responsible Gaming Policy Rules is a testament to the authority’s commitment to regulatory excellence and industry cooperation. By integrating extensive stakeholder input into the final regulations, KSA ensures that the new measures are both effective and practicable.

Moreover, KSA’s proactive measures, such as partnering with Cloudflare to combat illegal gambling, demonstrate a strategic approach to enhancing the overall integrity and security of the gaming environment. As these new regulations come into effect, they promise to create a safer and more responsible gaming landscape.

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