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Playtech to Use IDVerse for Verifying Users

One of the world’s top-rated software suppliers, Playtech, has collaborated with IDVerse to verify users who join the platform. This move will help the organisation in the player onboarding process. It is also meant to enhance security by weeding out cases of fraud.

Playtech Partners with IDVerse for User Security

Playtech has been around since 1999. It offers intelligence-driven gambling software, content and services. The company serves product verticals, such as sports betting, live dealer games, online casino, poker and virtual games. It is also a pioneer in omni-channel gambling technology.

Who is IDVerse?

IDVerse is a leading digital ID verification platform. It uses zero-bias AI technology that automates the process fully. The AI can verify multiple iGaming players in seconds with just their faces and smartphones. This innovative product is available in over 220 countries and handles over 16,000 documents without the need for human support. It works in 142 languages and has various customisable features.

The technology makes use of generative AI, which trains deep network systems in such a way that there is no bias. In independent lab testing, the platform achieved over 99.9% accuracy when executing verification. It does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender or race. While initially Playtech’s collaboration with IDVerse seems to be initially geared towards the casino side of the iGaming industry, we don’t exclude the possibility of it being added as another innovation for bookmakers. It should fit perfectly next to cryptocurrency sports betting!

The Collaboration Between Playtech and IDVerse

IDVerse allows Playtech to verify new players on any device, anywhere around the world. The fact that it does not require human intervention means that the technology will help reduce wait times and provide near-instant results. In addition, Playtech hopes to minimise fraudulent behaviour among users and tools on the internet.

Playtech has expanded all over the globe in the recent past. In its growth, it needs a solution that can verify new users quickly. IDVerse offers a comprehensive solution that allows it to serve the ballooning population effectively. This move enhances the speed of onboarding significantly. Furthermore, the new and improved verification procedure should also positively impact the security and fairness of different games, and subsequently – the quality of different promotions and bonuses.

IDVerse Praises the Move

Fiona Davies, Head of Gaming at IDVerse, says the partnership will enable Playtech operators to utilise cutting-edge verification solutions. This feature will help them streamline operational processes and enhance onboarding speed. He also says that the solution deals with the challenge of costly manual document reviews because it makes the process convenient and easy for all operators.

The new solution will also help customers scale into growing markets without the need for different verification providers. Additionally, it will facilitate flexibility for onboarding players whenever they wish to play. As new operators join the market, they need a simple method that they can apply across the board.

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