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Revolutionary AI-Infused Marketing Tool by Xtremepush

Xtremepush is on the verge of introducing a pioneering AI-first solution at ICE London, promising to redefine the landscape of CRM and loyalty marketing.

This avant-garde solution, an extension of Xtremepush’s Intelligence Studio, is engineered to harness the power of machine learning, transforming raw player data into predictive insights.

Customisation and Insight: The Core of Innovation

The innovative AI solution by Xtremepush is set to provide predictive insights that will enable operators to craft highly personalised campaigns with unprecedented precision. The revolutionary tool is characterized by:

  1. Pre-packaged models addressing common industry challenges such as reducing player churn.
  2. The ability to tailor AI models to fit unique operational requirements and objectives.

Xtremepush’s unified platform consolidates predictive insights into an integrated player profile, streamlining the creation of predictive gamification campaigns. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also scales up outcomes and optimises CRM team efforts.

Setting New Standards in Player Engagement and Analysis

As this AI solution takes centre stage at ExCeL London, it heralds a new era in how operators approach campaign management and analysis.

Tommy Kearns, Xtremepush CEO, positions this innovation as a trailblazer within the sector, offering a fresh perspective on utilising AI and machine learning for campaign enhancement and deeper customer insights.

The acquisition of Thunderbite has further empowered Xtremepush, integrating gamification and loyalty features into its comprehensive marketing platform. This synergy has created an unparalleled, unified solution that offers:

This robust suite of tools is designed to not only attract new customers but also to cultivate engagement and foster long-term loyalty in the sports betting and iGaming industry.

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