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REEVO and BetSoft; The Strategic Partnership that will Amplify iGaming Excellence

REEVO has formally declared its collaboration with BetSoft to enhance the iGaming journey. This collaboration is confirmed by both entities and they are eager to present it to the sector.

About REEVO and BetSoft

REEVO operates as a B2B content and aggregation platform, with a vision of revolutionizing the iGaming realm by optimizing user experiences and facilitating collaborations with its affiliates. It stands as a premier entity in its field.

Conversely, BetSoft is a top-tier gaming software company, boasting a vast slot collection. Additionally, it offers table games and engagement tools for players. Renowned for its enticing and versatile slot content, it ensures players enjoy frequent victories and bonus features. Moreover, it offers remarkable player return rates and advanced features like impressive visuals, rapid loading times, and smooth mobile game adaptation.

The REEVO and BetSoft Alliance

This collaboration is strategic, targeting an uplifted gaming journey for both players and an extensive network of operator partners. This vision will manifest as REEVO integrates BetSoft’s avant-garde games into its offerings. The synergy between REEVO and BetSoft is pivotal, uniting two industry powerhouses.

The Essence of this Strategic Alliance

Individually, each company has carved a niche in the iGaming landscape, recognized for stellar services and esteemed repute. Both entities resonate with a dedication to advancing the iGaming industry. This mutual ambition and shared ethos lay the foundation for a prosperous and enduring alliance.

Voices from REEVO and BetSoft’s Helm

Petra Maria Poola, the Sales Lead at REEVO, conveyed that this strategic alliance reinforces REEVO’s commitment to delivering superior content to gaming affiliates and enthusiasts. Poola is optimistic about mutual benefits stemming from this collaboration.

Expressing BetSoft’s sentiments, Fernando Van Velen, their Chief Account Manager, voiced his enthusiasm about joining forces with a powerhouse like REEVO. Fernando articulated that merging BetSoft’s celebrated content with REEVO’s exemplary distribution promises a supreme gaming experience, auguring well for both collaborators.

Final Thoughts

The collaborative venture between REEVO and BetSoft heralds a riveting and multifaceted chapter in the iGaming arena. It unlocks access for operators to BetSoft’s comprehensive game roster, spanning varied genres, motifs, and functionalities. Moreover, they can now offer BetSoft’s series, follow-ups, and player enhancement tools like contests. These facets assure a remarkable gaming episode. Both firms anticipate this as a harbinger of a transformative era, reshaping the iGaming world for the better.

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