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Marriott’s Network Expands with MGM Resorts Integration: A New Era for Las Vegas Travel

Marriott Bonvoy’s latest strategic partnership with MGM Resorts marks a transformative moment for travelers, particularly enriching the selection of accommodations in areas where Marriott’s presence was less pronounced, such as Las Vegas. Officially in full swing since July 2023, this collaboration grants Bonvoy members the ability to accrue and utilize points at 16 MGM properties, broadening the scope of travel and loyalty benefits significantly.

Revitalizing the Vegas Experience with Marriott Bonvoy

With MGM Resorts moving under the Marriott Bonvoy umbrella from its previous association with World of Hyatt, members now find themselves with an expanded array of options on the bustling Las Vegas Strip. This move introduces notable MGM properties into Marriott’s offerings, providing more choices in a city known for its limited Marriott properties. Highlighted destinations for point redemption now include renowned spots like the ARIA Resort & Casino, Bellagio Resort & Casino, and MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, enhancing the guest experience with a variety of perks for elite members.

Understanding Redemption Dynamics and Resort Fees

This exciting partnership introduces elements to consider, such as Marriott Bonvoy’s dynamic pricing model, which sees redemption rates vary with demand and seasonal changes. While redemptions can start as low as 5,000 points per night, travelers should account for potential resort fees, an important consideration for those not at the Ambassador Elite status, which negates these extra charges.

Optimizing Your Marriott Bonvoy and MGM Rewards

Deciding whether to use cash or points for bookings requires a careful examination of resort fees and the advantages of elite status. The allure of using points is undeniable, offering benefits like the fifth-night free perk, yet the value of each redemption should be weighed against cash rates.

Additionally, the partnership enhances the travel experience with Marriott Bonvoy Moments, allowing members to access unique activities and experiences, from exclusive shows to luxury golf outings, further enriching the Marriott loyalty experience.

Boosting Points and Status with Co-Branded Credit Cards

For Bonvoy members aiming to increase their points or elevate their elite status, Marriott’s suite of co-branded credit cards emerges as an effective strategy. These cards offer attractive benefits, including automatic elite status and significant sign-up bonuses, providing a strategic edge in maximizing the benefits of the Marriott and MGM Resorts partnership.

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