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Evoplay to Attend the SBC Summit Barcelona after Seven SBC Award Nominations

Evoplay’s Chief Commercial Officer, Vladimir Malakchi, shared that the game developer achieved commendable success in 2023. He credits this triumph to the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation, risk-taking, customer focus, and a pledge to deliver top-notch gaming experiences. In a recent interview with CasinoBeats, Malakchi elaborated that Evoplay has strategically targeted a broader demographic, including sports enthusiasts and video gamers, rather than solely traditional casino gamers. They aim to surpass typical gaming expectations and reach a more inclusive audience.

Additionally, 2023 has been a prosperous year for Evoplay, marking their expansion into the Latin American and European markets, with a notable entrance into Portugal. They attribute their growth to the utilization of advanced analytics, player feedback, and partnerships. Evoplay places high importance on this feedback to tailor their development approach. A key component of their success, as highlighted by their COO, is the company’s passionate team. A landmark in the world of betting.

What Differentiates Evoplay in the Innovative Segment?

Vladimir emphasized that Evoplay differentiates itself from competitors by striving to deliver experiences, not just games. The company leverages proprietary technologies to augment player engagement and interaction. There’s also a unique emphasis on cultivating an ingrained culture of experimentation in product development.

Evoplay’s Unique Game Development Approach

Describing the company’s perspective, the COO mentioned, “We see ourselves as a blend of artists, technologists, and marketers.” Evoplay doesn’t just create games; they weave narratives into them. Their use of gamification tools enhances their game lineup. The studio prioritizes understanding and catering to the preferences of emerging player generations, who prefer impactful, tailored experiences over standard game design tactics while playing in an online casino.

Evoplay at the SBC Summit Barcelona

At the SBC Summit Barcelona, attendees can look forward to experiencing Evoplay’s diverse gaming portfolio firsthand. Additionally, the company will offer glimpses into future game releases and business propositions.

Concluding Thoughts

Evoplay is a contender for the prestigious SBC leader of the year award, among six other recognitions. The company eagerly anticipates the award results and is equally excited to showcase its myriad offerings at the summit.

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