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Sky Bet Revolutionizes Fans Engagement At Wembley Boxpark With First-Ever 3D Creative

The dynamic and reactive nature of the campaign was truly impressive. When the final whistle blew, the creative display transformed to showcase the winning team’s logo and colours, serving as a personalized backdrop for the exultant fans leaving the stadium.

A Journey of Technological Marvel

The SkyBet Out of Home campaign was felt throughout the matchday experience, reaching its crescendo at Wembley Stadium. The creative journey began in the teams’ hometowns, bidding farewell to the fans and warmly welcoming them at key train and underground stations in London.

Fans driving to Wembley were also treated to roadside advertisements along their routes and at service stations. The creatives were strategically placed to catch the attention of those travelling on club coach trips. After the match, the winning team’s supporters were also treated to celebratory creatives in their hometowns.

Unprecedented Immersion

The highlight of the campaign was the hero site at Wembley Boxpark. This location allowed thousands of fans to immerse themselves in the matchday experience. The creative display captured the pre-game excitement and carried it forward, allowing supporters from both teams to celebrate in the spirit of the event once the match concluded. This strategy added to the euphoria and provided fans with an unforgettable experience.

A Mastery of Event and Media Planning

EssenceMediacom, Sky Bet’s new media agency, meticulously planned the high-impact media strategy. Their expertise in identifying and securing prime advertising sites along the fan journey played a crucial role. They collaborated closely with the production team to ensure the seamless execution of the campaign, conducting creative tests and organizing content capture.

Fan Reactions

Fans who witnessed the 3D creative at Wembley Boxpark raved about the experience. Many described it as awe-inspiring and expressed their appreciation for the heightened sense of immersion it provides. Sky Bet’s innovative approach to enhancing the football viewing experience has undoubtedly struck a chord with fans across the nation.

Stakeholders Comments

Leigh Peacock-Goodwin, Head of Brand and Sponsorship at SkyBet, expressed enthusiasm for the campaign. He said the high-impact creative is an exciting milestone in their ten-year sponsorship of the EFL. He further noted that by offering reactive real-time creative, Sky Bet can share those moments that matter to the audiences and position itself as a brand that understands what football is all about.

Hannah Cooper, OOH Director at EssenceMediacom, emphasized the significance of placing Sky Bet at the heart of the action. She explained that the Boxpark was the ideal location for unveiling the captivating 3D creative that merged the entire OOH campaign. She expressed excitement about driving these breakthroughs for their clients and commended Sky Bet for revolutionizing the visual matchday experience.

Mike Smith, CEO at OPEN Media, also shared his delight in collaborating with Sky Bet to celebrate their milestone 10-year partnership with the EFL. This campaign showcased OPEN Media’s commitment to media innovation, as it marked their first-ever activation of a 3D Perspective campaign at the Wembley Boxpark site. The partnership strengthened their association with prominent sporting events and cultural moments, further solidifying their position in the industry.

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