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New IT Security Guidelines Issued by Brazil’s SPA for Online Gambling Market

As Brazil edges closer to launching its regulated online gambling market, known as ‘Bets’, in 2024, the Secretariat of Betting and Prizes (SPA) has released a crucial set of ordinances outlining IT security and platform requirements. This initiative aims to ensure a secure and compliant environment for the upcoming market. On Friday, the SPA detailed the second ordinance, focusing on IT system requirements for market participants.

Comprehensive IT System Guidelines for Operators

This is a follow up from the previous post. The recent ordinance provides a detailed framework that includes preliminary provisions and technical requirements, which are essential for the secure operation of online game suites and betting platforms.

Essential Requirements and Provisions

Key requirements set forth by the SPA include:

Consumer Protection and Transparency

The SPA insists on transparency regarding the use of cookies; players must be informed about and must consent to cookies necessary for online gaming. Moreover, online games are required to disclose the odds and potential payout multipliers clearly at the time of bet placement.

Certification and Compliance Requirements

Before the market goes live, all betting systems and platforms need certification from agencies authorized by the SPA, including GLI, eCOGRA, and BMM Testlabs. Operators must submit an evaluation report from these agencies within 90 days after receiving the SPA’s authorization act.

Ongoing Regulatory Developments

Following this second ordinance, the SPA will continue to release additional guidelines covering other critical aspects such as payments, crime prevention, and safer gambling practices. These guidelines are set to be finalized by the end of July.

Conclusion: Strengthening Brazil’s Betting Market

The SPA’s meticulous approach in setting IT and security standards is part of Brazil’s broader efforts to foster a secure, transparent, and regulated online gambling environment. As Brazil prepares for the 2024 launch of the Bets market, these regulations are fundamental in ensuring the market’s stability and trustworthiness.

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