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Betsson to Spearhead BNP Paribas Nordic Open as Main Sponsor

Betsson, a prominent name in online gaming, has taken the main sponsorship role for the BNP Paribas Nordic Open. This partnership positions Betsson at the forefront of one of the most significant tennis events in the Nordic countries and the oldest indoor tennis tournament globally.

A Strategic Sponsorship in the World of Tennis

The BNP Paribas Nordic Open, renowned as the largest indoor tennis tournament in the Nordics and the oldest in the world, is set to unfold from October 12-20, 2024, at the prestigious Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm.

Betsson’s sponsorship will be highly visible throughout the event, with the brand featured during match broadcasts. The company will also engage directly with fans through unique on-site activities and comprehensive betting options for each match.

Betsson’s Commitment to Tennis and Broader Sports Sponsorships

Betsson’s engagement with the world of sports extends beyond this recent partnership:

Impact of the Sponsorship on the Tournament and Betsson’s Growth

Ronni Hartvig, Betsson Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, expressed pride in supporting the Nordic Open, emphasizing the special significance of sponsoring an event in Sweden, where Betsson was founded over six decades ago. This sponsorship is seen as a way to enrich the tournament experience for fans and participants alike, making it more engaging and memorable.

Rasmus Hult, CEO of the BNP Paribas Nordic Open, welcomed Betsson’s partnership, anticipating that Betsson’s extensive experience in sports sponsorship would significantly enhance the tournament’s profile and reach.

Betsson’s Continued Expansion and Market Impact

The sponsorship of the BNP Paribas Nordic Open is a strategic move for Betsson, aligning with its goals to enhance brand visibility and engage with sports fans on a deeper level. Moreover, Betsson’s recent acquisition of a gaming license in Peru underlines its commitment to expanding its global footprint, further solidifying its position as a leader in the sports betting and online casino industries.

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